Talented Tegan set to star on television

WHEN Sonia Hodges answered her mobile phone about 3.30pm on February 19 she had no idea Channel Nine was about to offer her daughter, Tegan, an audition in Coffs Harbour on Tuesday, March 19 for next season’s Australia’s Got Talent.

“It was a Sydney number and they were asking for my daughter,” Sonia said.

“I queried as to why they wanted my daughter and she began to explain that she was a producer with a talent show that she wanted to contact Tegan with regards to her You Tube video that she saw after Tegan performed on Inverell’s Got Talent. 

“She said it was the type of thing that they were looking for, for their new show on Channel Nine this year.”

Inverell’s Got Talent was held on October 13 last year. The channel nine producer asked Sonia if 15-year-old Tegan would be interested in an audition.

“I said I was pretty sure she’d be stoked and would love the opportunity,” Sonia said.

“She said she would send me an email with all the particulars and auditions dates … and if we had any problems to contact her. 

“So we had a talk and it was something Tegan wanted to do and she was pretty excited about the fact they tracked her down and found her and asked her if she would audition for the show.”

Tegan said a lot of the good singers who make it in the big time these days are seen on You Tube.

“After I did my Inverell’s Got Talent video mum decided to upload it she wanted more people to see it and we had a lot of family away too who wanted to see it,” Tegan said.

“When mum first told me I thought she was joking, like, I didn’t believe it. I’m just still really shocked, I just can’t believe they took the time to chase me down and … yeah.

“I’m really, really excited especially to see all the talent that everyone else has to offer as well.”

Tegan said she is a singer and a piano player and has also just commenced learning guitar as well. She will be performing a song called Travelling Soldier at the audition, it is a song that she performed at Inverell’s Got Talent.

“I didn’t have much time to just grab something new, but, yeah, I’ll be singing travelling Soldier with my brother playing guitar for me,” Tegan said.

Her bother is 17-year-old apprentice jockey Codey Hodges. Tegan said she hopes she will do well but is just excited to get the chance to perform in front of a lot of people.

Sonia said the audition is only a few weeks away now and she is one very proud mum.

“It’s not often someone from the country gets acknowledged like that. We’re out here in the sticks and we don’t get seen very often, so it was good that it was seen and appreciated, I guess,” Sonia said.

“I think it’s just a great accomplishment to get noticed and asked to audition for a national show.”

ON SONG: Tegan Hodges is off to Coffs Harbour later this month to audition for Australia’s Got Talent.

ON SONG: Tegan Hodges is off to Coffs Harbour later this month to audition for Australia’s Got Talent.


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