Candidate urges compensation and change

Farmers should be compensated for the Labor Governments destruction of the Indonesia Export Cattle Market. 

That’s the view of 21st Century party leader, and candidate for New England, Jamie McIntyre.

“It’s not just farmers in the North of Australia suffering. This year the impact has finally made it to the rest of Australia with beef prices down 20-35 per cent across the board. 

“As a grazier myself, in the New England region … I see the effect this has on farms. 

“If my farms weren’t supported by off-farm income they’d effectively go broke this year, as a 30 per cent drop in income wipes out not only any potential profit, but creates significant losses, all due to the direct actions of this Labor Government. 

“Farmers who don’t have off farm income are suffering due to the inept politicians in this current government, who don’t give a rip about regional Australia, nor about farmers or business owners,” he said.

Mr McIntyre grew up on his family’s property near Glen Innes and he will be running in September’s federal election against Tony Windsor and Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce.

He has criticised the major parties, as well as Mr Windsor, and wants to introduce a new political system where compulsory voting won’t be required and voters would get to vote directly online for major policy.

“It’s time for a change,” he said.