McIntyre to hold campaign launch

Jamie McIntyre, who is running against Barnaby Joyce for the New England seat in the upcoming federal election, will launch his campaign in Inverell next week.

The Inverell launch will be held at the Riverside Function Centre on Saturday, July 27.

The free event is open to the public and also includes a Q&A session, which gives community members the opport-unity to ask Mr McIntyre questions. 

Mr McIntyre is running under a planned new 21st Century Australia Political party, which will overhaul what he claims to be an outdated 19th Century Political System that needs to be modernised for the 21st Century. 

Mr McIntyre launched the party in his hometown of Glen Innes in late June and will return to the electorate next week to continue his campaign, which will include launches in Tamworth and Armidale next Thursday and Friday before coming to Inverell.

His office said his campaign is a serious attempt at creating a legitimate third party force in Australian politics with large Red Carpet Launches being held throughout Australia. 

“21st Century Australia Party will be the choice Australians want and deserve,” Mr McIntyre said. 

He recently released his detailed 54-page regional policy document stating articulately the best ways to develop and improve regional Australia. 

“I am overwhelmed with Australia-wide support and also the massive local New England support especially from many farmers and the youth,” said Mr McIntyre. Unlike many start-up parties, Mr McIntyre says he accepts that this is a 10-20 year project to achieve all the required changes. 

He is pushing for an overhaul of what he calls an outdated 19th Century political system including allowing voters to vote directly on major policy and removing government spending from the hands of politicians and placing it into the hands of an independent board. He also is calling for the potential elimination of State Governments to reduce wastage of overlapping Governments. 

“I have released a 25-point plan explaining the various ways to improve Australia,” he said. 

Mr McIntyre’s policy document includes banishing carbon tax, establishing a sovereign wealth fund, building a high-speed railway system and developing a large Dubai-type city in Northern Australia. 

"It's time we move on from the outdated 19th Century political system that is flawed and corrupted “he said.