McIntrye polling says he can beat Barnaby

NEW England candidate Jamie McIntyre said a poll commissioned by one of his companies after Tony Windsor’s resignation has revealed that 62 per cent of the voters are undecided who they will vote for in the next federal election.

Twenty-six per cent support Mr Joyce and 12 per cent gave their vote to Mr McIntyre which he said meant New England is clearly in play despite the mainstream media claiming Mr Joyce has effectively already won.

“The media could and should attend a phone poll to confirm that the polling is random and accurate thus ensuring that manipulated polls pushed by certain agendas aren't allowed to be used to mislead the public,” Mr McIntyre said.

“At least now we are aware of voters’ true intentions as we can commission polls that we know are random and non-biased. Other polls one simply can't trust.”

Mr McIntyre’s company 21st Century Media has commissioned Australian Spectator to conduct three phone surveys this year of 200 New England voters.

McIntyre said there are certain sections of the media that don't believe the polls run by Australian Spectator aren't random and unbiased, but said they should come and watch a random survey of New England voters being conducted.

That way, he said, they could see first-hand and verify that it is random and unbiased. He said future polls would be filmed so that anyone can see them being conducted.

“With media witnessing the polls, they can't use the excuse of not reporting on them simply because they can't accept the facts about the voters’ choices because it is a surprising result.

“But randomly polled New England voters don’t lie, however the same can't be said of others trying to mislead the public.

“Truth and honestly in polls and newspapers are the least voters should expect, not the manipulated polls many media report on, yet ignoring accurate independent polling,” he said.

Mr McIntyre will be in Inverell on next Saturday night to hold a ‘Red Carpet Launch Party’ at Riverside Function Centre.

21st Century Party was officially registered last week by the Australian Electoral Commission.


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