McIntyre vows his party will be back

"WE always have had a long term agenda, 21st Century Australia said it would take 10 years to become a serious third party threat in this country. So our agenda in running in this election was to get start-up, you have to crawl before you can walk,” said Jamie McIntyre, following a disappointing result for his party at the polls on Saturday. 

At the end of August, Mr McIntyre said he had suffered a big blow when Labor decided to preference him sixth, coupled with a low preference from the Greens. 

However he also said he was still hopeful he could pull off the biggest upset in Australian Political history.

“Most Australians polled, 73 per cent, said they wanted a strong third party to stand up to the major two parties and that hasn’t changed. The high informal vote at this election has shown that people are dissatisfied with the major parties, so there is an opening there for a serious third party threat,” Mr McIntyre said.

“A lot of voters have gone to smaller parties but we really need a serious third party that’s organised, has good leadership and has a fresh approach.

“So we will be running in state elections as well…there could be a double dissolution in the federal arena, we would actually like that. 

“We were confident we would have won one or two Senate seats in this election if the AEC hadn’t prevented us from running, so you don’t have to be a huge party to have an influence, you just have to have a starting point.”