Sweet victory for local beekeepers

RIBBONS: Len and Kathy Walker with the winning honey at the Royal Easter Show.
RIBBONS: Len and Kathy Walker with the winning honey at the Royal Easter Show.

Inverell beekeepers Len and Kathy Walker won the Commercial Champion Trophy and sash plus a silver medal for their outstanding Yellow Box honey and numerous other awards.

The Royal Sydney National Honey Show is part of the Royal Easter Show and beekeepers from across Australia enter.

This year has been one of the best honey production years in the area. Len and Kathy have produced over 18 different types of honey.

All their honey was entered in the Royal Sydney National Honey Show at the Royal Easter Show.

The quality of their honey has been recognised as being outstanding. The couple have won multiple ribbons in a number of categories. The most prestigious is the silver medal and the Champion Ribbon for their outstanding Yellow Box honey.

“It just goes to show Inverell has some of the best quality honey in the country” Mr Walker said.

We all know how hard it is for farmers during times of drought.

For many families their sheer determination will get them through the difficult times.

For some farmers, true grit means they can stay productive despite the obstacles mother-nature places in front of them. Beekeeping is no different, with bees at risk of starving during the drought.

In local beekeeping circles Len and Kathy Walker are known as the fence-post beekeepers.

The fence-post beekeeper status has developed over many years as the couple outwit mother-nature to produce award winning honey.

“And the honey buyers know we produce excellent honey too,” said Kathy.

Len and Kathy sold the majority of their Yellow Box recently for above market price.

“I guess its no wonder people call us the fencepost beekeepers,” laughed Len.

“Seriously, though its been a huge family effort to survive the drought and produce the quality honey that we have,” Kathy said.

Len and Kathy were keen to see their children and grandchildren acknowledged in their achievements.

“We are very lucky to have a family where everyone gets along so well, we all work together and that’s the real secret behind our success,” Len said.

B The couple’s honey is sold through the family label of Honey Delight and is available at Olives of Beaulieu, Copeton Road, Gum Flat.