Reunion for Tingha class of ‘57

A REUNION kicked off in the Inverell RSM Club at 2pm on Saturday, June 9 for students of the Class of ’57 from Tingha Central School.

Barry Williamson was one of the 16 former students with an average age of about 70 who attended the function.

“There would have been anything up to 30 in the class at that time,” Barry said.

“The class got on well, the teachers were good. They kept you in until you learnt, they made you learn.

“I was surprised after so many years that we had so many attend, some had died, of course, and others we couldn’t contact.”

Barry said Tingha was a very different place when he was growing up in the town.

“There would have been about 400 students who attended the school in those days. A lot of us played football in bare feet,” Barry said.

“Tingha had everything, there were three doctors just this side of the bridge, a newsagent, two butchers, two baker’s shops, a pub, a second hand store, two grocery shops, a picture theatre, two mechanic’s shops, a bike shop and two policemen.

“I used to have to ride three miles to school and I only had those old iron pedals that used to hurt your feet. I saw a rubber set of pedals in the bike shop and told mum I would like them and she said she would see what she could do. I got those set of pedal for Christmas.”

Barry said the reunion was a success and went on into the morning.