Inverell council to meet over rates variation survey results

Inverell Shire Council is holding a special meeting over results of the community survey about the proposed 14.25 per cent special rates variation (SRV) on Wednesday, February 8, at 12pm, with an invitation to the public to attend. Consultation closed on the SRV on February 1. 

A business paper will be publicly released February 3, collating the results of the community engagement processes and public survey conducted by the University of Technology Sydney about the SRV.

“The reason why we’ve got to have a special council meeting is the IPART (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) deadline is the 13th of February,” council general manager Paul Henry said. He said a pubic forum prior to the vote had not been scheduled. 

The community survey rated response to the 14.25 per cent SRV, to commence in combination with the 1.5 per cent rate peg approved by IPART for the 2017-18 financial year. 

The three year increase will be added to the 2017-18 1.5 per cent rate peg, and to a 2.5 per cent increase over 2018-19 and 2019-20 if IPART approves Inverell council’s application. 

Council states it has acted for the SRV approval to accrue $13.6 million to address over $10 million in road improvement and maintenance backlog with residual funds applied to general council functions until June 30, 2026.

The SRV and fiscal plan is tied to Inverell council’s October 2015 Fit for the Future roadmap provisional approval from the NSW government. The council is now obligated to meet the points of the roadmap to prove its sustainability. 

The paper will be available to the public on the Inverell council website this Friday, February 3 on