Fly Corporate Brisbane to Inverell flights take off from Inverell Airport on September 13

Neil Eigeland

Neil Eigeland

On Wednesday September 13 2017 is the inaugural Fly Corporate flight between Brisbane and Inverell.

Fly Corporate recognises the importance of providing connectivity to Inverell and the wave of development that is happening in town.  The population has reportedly increased by 30 per cent in the last ten years and the local economy is ‘booming’. There is more than $1 Billion of construction at the local Wind Farms, $30 Million at the new Hospital development, a new Police station is planned, and local manufacturing is expanding.

The service is critical to ensuring Inverell is put on the map and open for business, and these new travel options must be supported to be viable.

Company executives, manufacturers, government, business people, doctors and medical service providers can now easily travel by plane to Inverell for work and to do business. People can easily access medical specialists in Brisbane without taking too much time off work, for the drive, or worry about hitting kangaroos along the way.

Families can now reach each other quickly and easily. My wife and I are planning one more day of holidays thanks to the new flights. We are catching the plane from Brisbane at 8:10 am and arriving back in Inverell for work, rather than spending the day driving. 

Once in Brisbane you can go anywhere, with connections to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and international destinations if you want to go there. Fly Corporate will provide international passengers with a complimentary increase from the standard 15kg Checked Baggage allowance to a 30kg Checked Baggage allowance.

Children from 2 to 11 years on the date of their return flight or single flight (if traveling one way) can travel at 75 per cent of the adult fare, plus any airport taxes. The child discount does not apply to the lowest price category or for Unaccompanied Minors and is only available for bookings made directly via the Fly Corporate website or through an Authorised Agent

Fly Corporate is also looking at ways to increase and improve services down the track which will be based on the level of community support received over the next twelve to twenty-four months. Thanks to all the people involved in making this possible. 

Thanks everyone.

Neil Eigeland, Convenor, Inverell Air Services Working Group