Northern Tablelands residents urged to prepare for bush fire season

After the driest winter in 15 years, residents living near bushland and areas prone to grass fires, are being urged to prepare for the approaching bush fire season. 

“I encourage households to update or create a Bushfire Survival Plan and make sure the whole family knows what to do when faced with a fire,” Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall said. 

Mr Marshall said residents can visit their local fire brigade headquarters to pick up vital fire safety information; and follow a number of home fire safety tips including: 

  • trimming overhanging trees and shrubs;
  • mowing your lawn and removing all the cut grass;
  • removing flammable materials from around your home (eg. door mats, wood piles, mulch, leaves, paint, outdoor furniture);
  • clearing and removing all the debris and leaves from gutters; and
  • ensuring you have a hose or hoses that can cover the perimeter of your home.

A Bushfire Survival Plan can also be downloaded from the NSW Rural Fire Service at