Inverell was abuzz with sport events as athletes joined in the fun

Sapphire City Run

The Sapphire City River run was held on Sunday. The results are as follows: 

1st Male Brendon Jones 32.13 1st Female Lucy Kauter 40.17 1st Male (Inverell) Brendon Jones 32.13 1st Female (Inverell) Lucy Kauter 40.17 2nd Male Darryl Domer 33.02 2nd Female Jodi Mayled 44.31 3rd Male Dylan Koppschall 33.22 3rd Female Josepha Bienke 44.54 15yrs & under Male Will Alliston 38.05 15yrs & under Female No entry 20yrs & under Male No entry 20 yrs & under Female No entry 30yrs & under Male Ben Boland 37.34 30yrs & under Female Fernanda De Lima 45.51 40yrs & under Male Brad Newman 39.58 40yrs & under Female Karla Bienke 46.47 60yrs & under Male Craig Stainton 39.50 60yrs & under Female Carina Muckenschnabl 45.23 Over 60yrs Male Ron Clissold 45.39 Over 60yrs Female Jill Vallentine 51.00 4.6 Km Run 1st Male Matthew Campion 14.59 1st Female Xanthe Cogon 18.18  1st Male (Inverell) Jamie Keilderling 16.16  1st Female (Inverell) Jess Partridge 23.23 

Tennis carnival

Champion tennis players from around Northern NSW gathered at Inverell Tennis Club for the 2017 Inverell NSW Claycourt Gold JT Championship. The winners were: 18/u Boys winner Andrew Osmond(North West) runner up Wikus Van Tonder(North East) 18/u girls winner Latiecha Wilkinson(North East) runner up Isabel Hallam(North East)16/U boys winner Flynn Schieb(North East), runner up Ben Butler(North West) 16/u girls winner Lily Pade runner up Maddie Morrisey 14/u boys winner Jordan Hunter(North East) runner up Lachlan Rook(North East)14/u girls winner Kaecia Beattie(North West) runner up Danielle Bishop(North West) 12/u boys winner Charlie Pade(North East) runner up Vitorio Sardinha(north west)12/u girls winner Anna Bishop(North West) runner up Isabelle Moore(North West) 10/u boys winner Mason Louis (North West) runner up Juan Beltran (North East) 10/u girls winner Ruby Pade(North East) runner up Lacey Bourke(North West) Most outstanding through JD Series Mason Louis and Danielle Bishop

NOTE: The new coach Bill McDonald will be starting this term, starting Monday and Tuesday. Contact Rowan Butler on 0427257502 or contact Bill on 0429 770 857.


Inverell Golf Club held its annual Open Day on Sunday October 8. The Monthly Mug was also played on Saturday and this takes us  into the last round of the Hoyt Cup and The Order of Merit which will be completed on the first Saturday of November.The winner on the Open Day was, a local, Phil Fox with 74 off the stick. He was followed By Alex Livingston with 75. Alex defeated John Coote in a playoff. The winner of B Grade was Dave Schofield (86) and C Grade was Toby Teece-Tapscott (88) Net winners for each grade were A - Phil Evans (Glen Innes), B Grade - Steve Glover and C Grade - Joe Holahan.