The first turbine blades reach the Sapphire Wind Farm

The first blades for the masts at the Sapphire Wind Farm have arrived at the site between Glen Innes and Inverell.

The huge Chinese-made components travelled from the Port of Newcastle over the weekend.  Each one is 62 metres long.

The project manager, Andrew Houston, said: “The arrival of the turbine component marks a major milestone in the project”

CWP Asset Management, the company behind the wind farm, said that the foundations for 63 of the 75 turbines had now been laid and access roads finished.Arrival isn’t the end of the task. 

The heavy lifting is yet to be done – literally heavy lifting because it will need a 1,750 tonne crane to raise the blades and other components to the top of the turbines.

That crane is currently being assembled on site, with the first turbine due to be erected fully by the end of the month.

Mr Houston said:  “Construction on the Sapphire Wind Farm has been making tremendous progress in preparation for the turbines arrival.”

“The blades spanning 62m in length makes the turbines the largest ever to arrive in Australia”