Local organic grazier, Katrina Morris, invites people to support and attend movie screening

A movie that explores an alternative approach to healthy eating might screen at Inverell’s Majestic Cinema on October 25 but only if 65 tickets are sold. 

Local organic grazier Katrina Morris is keen to screen ‘The Magic Pill’ which is a documentary that’s being distributed by Fan-Force. The online service allows people to choose a movie and see if they can sell enough tickets to fund a screening at their local cinema. If not enough tickets are sold, then the ticket money is refunded. 

Ms Morris has an active interest in promoting healthy food and nutrition, and hopes to find enough like-minded people to make the show possible.

“It explores what our ancestors would have eaten before farming and processed foods were developed,” she said. 

Tickets are $22 and most need to be sold this week to ensure the screening occurs. If successful, cinema doors will open at 5pm for a 6pm show to allow time to meet others attending the event. Ms Morris will also provide a range of healthy snacks for purchase. 

To find out more or to buy a ticket, visit Ms Morris event under the bookings section on fan-force.com