Inverell High School traffic management concerns were addressed by Inverell Shire Council

Inverell may seem like a sleepy town with charming ring roads and no traffic lights, but it is a different story every morning and afternoon around Inverell High School.

Hormonal P-platers, staff members looking for parking, school buses and parents dropping off or picking up students cause traffic congestion around the area. Inverell Shire Council Manager of Civil Engineering Justin Pay addressed the issue that has been a “complex matter for a number of years now”. 

“Trying to solve one issue can cause problems in another area,” said Mr Pay.

He said that the three-pronged goal was to promote road user safety, create better access to the school while keeping in mind the needs of the local residents. 

In an effort to solve the problems, engineer Glen Holdsworth was recruited to inspect the area. He came up with a number of solutions that were discussed during the Inverell Shire Council’s meeting of the Civil and Environmental Services Committee on Wednesday. 

There were short-term recommendations and long-term solutions put forth, such as moving the “No Stopping” and “Give Way” signs back ten metres from the intersection so that drivers can have better sight of these and maneuvre around intersections.

Another measure would be to reduce the number of parking spaces on Brae Street and create a parallel parking zone where parents would be able to safely drop off and pick up students. The reduction in parking spaces was met with disapproval by staff members who enjoy the convenience of leaving their cars near the school.  

To help combat the problems caused by fewer parking spaces, it was suggested that a new parking space be created at a vacant block of land owned by the Department of Education at the corner of Howard and George streets, behind the tennis courts.

Following these recommendations, the council will meet with the school and residents to further consult on the best course of action. 

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