The Fijian-Indian community of Inverell cordially invites you to Diwali, Festival of Lights, at the Masonic Lodge

Young Fijian-Indians created a stall on Byron Street to sell the remaining tickets for this year’s Diwali Festival of Lights. One of the happiest festivals on the Indian calendar, the Fijian-Indian community of Inverell will host a local celebration that offers laughter, Bollywood dance and a belly full of exceptional cuisine. 

In the spirit of Diwali, a festival of joy, everyone is invited to the event regardless of race and creed. 

For the Fijian-Indians of Inverell it is a celebration of their identity and they invite the community at large to come and join them. 

The buffet dinner night will be held on Saturday, October 14.  Tickets $30 for adults, $15 children over six, kids under six free.  Call 0404 299 076 for more details.