Inverell High School has traffic problems due to staff parking, school buses and parents dropping off students to school

Readers who live around Inverell High School are exasperated by the situation every morning and afternoon during the school year.

“I live across the road,” says Linda Foskey. “The car parking is monopolised by the teachers as there is no off-street parking.” 

“I live in Brae Street and every day there are cars from either Teacher's or students parked up and down the street in front of the residential properties. It can get quite frustrating for the residents who do like to park in the street. Set up a parking lot for the students and teachers that is off the streets and can be accessed easily enough for them,” says Anna Trott.

Many readers believe that the situation is a ticking time bomb. “Something does need to be done there though, before there's a major accident,” says Kylie South. 

Or maybe the problem isn’t the school but the houses. “I think all school zones are and issue. But we have to remember some of these schools were built along time before the surrounding houses. It's the houses that have created this congestion,” said Georgie Oakes. 

A poll held by the Inverell Times found that 77 per cent of our readers would like to see a staff parking area at the Education Department's empty field (George and Howard streets) behind the basketball courts.

Only eight per cent believe that problems could be solved with a 'kiss and go' parallel parking zone on Brae St and another eight per cent are in favour of moving back signage from intersections to alleviate the problem. 

Only 7 percent believe that there is no problem in the area. “Inverell doesn’t know traffic congestion. Congestion is when it takes 15 plus minutes to travel 5 kms,” says Matthew Pillidge.