Armidale New England Square Dance Festival to attract top callers | PHOTOS & VIDEO

The Armidale New England Square Dance Festival is on again this year from Friday to Sunday next weekend with four sessions of dancing, at New England Girls School.

Calling this year is one of Australia’s top callers Graham Elliott from South Australia.

Round Dance cueing is Ed Coleman from Sydney. Many established and some new and proven callers will be giving their all to provide a festive and feet tapping weekend for square dancers.

Dancing will take place at a number of sessions over the weekend, starting Friday at 7pm, with both round dancing and square dancing. This will continue on Saturday afternoon from 2pm until 4.30pm and then from 7pm until 10.30pm.

Over the years, many spectators have come to these weekends to watch and enjoy the variety of music, which comes from past and recent Broadway shows, country music and the Top 40 hit lists from all forms of media.

Visitors and spectators are welcome at any time and entry is completely free. You are welcome to just pop in for a few minutes, or stay for the entire session.

The venue at NEGS is the sports courts and you can follow the square dance signs (two interlocking squares) to the venue.