Cattle prices on the rise

Quality offering: All categories were well represented in Gunnedah.
Quality offering: All categories were well represented in Gunnedah.


Similar numbers today of 1318 head of good quality cattle on November 7. Vealer numbers were the same, while yearlings showed a slight decrease. Grown heifer numbers lifted and the cow penning doubled week-on-week. All processors and feeder operators were in place. Limited numbers of vealers sold to dearer trends with quality lifting, the best of the steers sold to restockers, 20c/kg dearer from last day. Limited numbers of grown steers showed firm trends, while an increase of grown heifers sold to dearer trends of up to 20c/kg. Cows again were a standout in numbers which doubled. 


There was a small increase in the overall numbers the sale on November 7. All categories were well represented, however there was a large supply of yearlings. The quality of the offering was very good and condition mostly forward to well-finished. Heavy cattle were in large numbers in both the young cattle and export sections. Demand for yearling steers was strong throughout resulting in firm to dearer market trends. The light weight yearling steers to restockers were firm to slightly dearer. A high quality penning of heavy yearling feeder steers averaged higher on an otherwise firm market trend. 


There was a small increase in numbers, with yearlings well supplied on November 6. The quality of the offering was mostly good with a large percentage of the offering showing a high degree of finish. The quality of the grown steers and cows showed improvement with bigger numbers in the heavier weight classes. An improved quality penning of heavy grown steers saw a dearer trend of 15c to 20c/kg with some of the increase attributed to quality. There was a large penning of well finished heavy weight cows that attracted strong competition. The market trend was as much as 13c/kg dearer.