The same-sex marriage vote - responses in the street

The majority of Australians have voted ‘yes’ to legalising same sex marriage, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this morning. 

More than 12 million Australians participated in the postal voting process with 61.6 percent choosing ‘yes’, and 38.4 percent electing ‘no’. Only around .2 percent of responses were classed as ‘unclear’. 

In the Federal Electoral Division of New England 84,932 votes were received out of a total voting population of 110 769. 

Of those 52.5 percent (44,608) voted ‘yes’ and 47.5 percent (40, 324) voted ‘no’. 

The Inverell Times went out on the street immediately after the announcement and asked “what’s your reaction to the voting results today?”

Jim Worsfold, Inverell
Valerie Turner, Inverell
Donald Mason, Inverell

Rhonda Thomson from Inverell said she felt the majority ‘yes’ vote was “good”. 

“To me, if people are in a same-sex relationship they don’t have the same rights as people in a marital relationship – especially if one dies,” Ms Thomson said. 

Rhonda Thomson, Inverell

Rhonda Thomson, Inverell