New England By-election: 17 candidates take to region after Barnaby Joyce citizenship case sparks return to the polls

Whether you are voting for a major party, a smaller party or an independent there is one thing all New England people over 18 have in common today and that’s they all have or will vote in the by-election.

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People have been braving the rain to participate in voting. Check out who’s been at the polling booths and who has been enjoying a sausage sandwich today. Story continues after gallery. 

The by-election was called last month when federal member and former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was found ineligible to sit in parliament due to his dual citizenship with New Zealand.

As soon as the by-election was announced it was clear this was not going to be another vote. 

Want to know who’s who in the election? Check out our list of candidates above and click on the white dot on their face to learn more about them. 

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Want to know where to go to poll? Well we’ve helped you out with a map with some very significant information including where to get your hands on that precious sausage sandwich. 

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