Romance, 21st century style: via a mobile phone - and not on February 14


Is Jeff Stevenson the Victoria’s most romantic man?

Mr Stevenson, who has been with his partner Stacy Carter for 20 years after meeting at a Horsham party, made a stop-motion video on his phone to formally propose on Christmas Day.

“I was thinking about trying to come up with some way to do it for ages and came up with a video,” he said.

Mr Stevenson, who spent about 30 hours creating the video gold, said Stacy was simply “shocked”.

“I showed her Christmas morning, she knew I was working on something but didn’t know what it was,” he said.

It was then posted on Facebook to friends and family.

The future Mrs Stevenson said: “Of course I had always hoped that it would happen one day but after 20 years I'd just assumed it wasn't part of the story.

“It wasn't until the ‘will you marry me’ scene that I actually understood it was really happening.”

And why did Mr Stevenson choose Christmas Day?

“I couldn’t think of anything to get her for Christmas,” he joked.

The Wimmera lovebirds, who have two children Max, seven, and four-year-old Cade are looking to tie the knot late this year or early next year.

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