Paterson Valley Dog Rescue, Nova Pound Pooch Inc, Pollanda Farm Rescue and Rehabilitation and All Breeds Dogs Rescue foot $20,000 vet bill for 19 puppy farm dogs

Four Hunter pet rescues are pleading for financial help after inheriting a $20,000 vet bill to treat 19 neglected dogs taken in from a puppy farm.

The dogs, at least four of which are palliative, were rescued last month in a joint initiative between Paterson Valley Dog Rescue, Nova Pound Pooch Inc, Pollanda Farm Rescue and Rehabilitation and All Breeds Dogs Rescue.

All dogs had suffered a range of health issues from ear infections and dental disease to more severe ailments including inoperable cancer and a split penis sheath. Another will have to have an eye removed.

One of the dogs’ dental disease was left untreated so long he suffered a broken jaw as a result and another had been put through multiple Cesareans. 

“Imagine the pain,” Paterson Valley Dog Rescue manager Caroline Moore said.

Ms Moore said the farm approached the rescue to take the dogs, which they were happy to do, but she had no idea at the time of the extent of their problems and the cost to treat them all.

“It’s way over $20,000 all up.”

Ms Moore said the aim was to re-home as many dogs as possible, which would recoup some of the expenses, but several will have to stay with the rescues for the rest of their lives – however long that may be.

A GoFundMe campaign has garnered more than $16,000 and Ms Moore said any excess money raised would be put aside in case more puppy farm dogs are surrendered.

Ms Moore said the incident highlighted the need for people to research where they buy their pets.

Poodle Brigitte requires her eye to be removed. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

Poodle Brigitte requires her eye to be removed. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

“The lovely little dog they buy is okay, but think about the mum and dad who are left behind,” she said. 

“People need to see what dogs end up like that are used for breeding.

“This isn’t the only [farm] – they’re everywhere.”

Ms Moore said birthing multiple litters could have a terrible effect on the life expectancy of some dogs.

While some poodles can live to be 20, one of the rescued poodles is just 8-years-old and terminal.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the pooches. After living most of their lives on the farm, the dogs able to be adopted will only go to quality households where they will live out their retirements in luxury.

“They’ve had the worst, so they’ll get the best.”

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