Grafton to Inverell Classic Cycle race culminated at the Multicultural Festival

The music and celebration in Inverell on Saturday could be heard from afar, but all crowds had to do was to follow their noses to the 5th Multicultural Festival at Victoria Park, Inverell, on Saturday.

Conveniently located near the Grafton to Inverell Classic Cycle Race, crowds waited in chilly weather for the riders to arrive while enjoying the steamy culinary offerings.

Guests were spoilt for choice thanks to the tasty combination of fast, cheap and convenient multicultural fare on offer. Thai, Fijian, Indian and Filipino cuisine were the order of the day, with mouthwatering Asian influences drawing the crowds in a celebration of cuisine and enough spice to blow your mind without a watering down of flavours.

Manning the stalls were foreigners who have chosen to make Inverell their home, some living in the town for decades. While Anna Thivakon dished out dollops of Thai food, she said that despite loving her culture she now calls Australia home.

ā€œIā€™m Australian all the way,ā€ she said. 

There was plenty of interaction between stallholders and cultural exchange was the order of the day. Wan from Thailand, served a dish to Julie from the Philippines while Aussie Tom stood at the barbeque area helping along. 

The first foodies arrived at around 11am but the festivities built to a crescendo by lunchtime.

Soon after, Nathan Elliott from Bennelong Swiss Welnness crossed the line  of the Grafton to Inverell Classic first, just milliseconds ahead of Raphael Freienstein from Inform Make.