Wondering what’s causing the smoke around Inverell?

National Parks and Wildlife Service is undertaking a hazard reduction burn east of the village of Stannifer, south of Inverell in Tingha Plateau State Conservation Area.

Smoke from this 100 hectare burn is visible from the village of Gilgai and the town of Inverell.

It is expected smoke from this hazard reduction will begin to dissipate this evening (Wednesday), as the burn is now complete and most internal burning has finished.

The burn is aimed at reducing fuel loads to protect life and property in the event of a fire.

The status of the fire is under control which was last updated on the Fires Near Me app earlier this morning.

Fires Near Me is a mobile application created by New South Wales Rural Fire Service to better inform residents of fires around their area.

By simply sharing your location, the app will show you any fires within the area. You can also shift around the state to check out any other fires, possibly nearby loved ones or friends.

To download the free mobile application, head to the app store on your phone and search ‘Fires Near Me’.