How successful are programmes that teach non-English speaking migrants to speak English

The government provides generous for non-English speaking migrants to assist them to learn to speak English, Australia’s official language. 

Recently released studies by this education provider, TAFE, has revealed that some of these recent arrivals, particularly women and children, after four years of tuition, haven’t achieved the required levels of proficiency for community assimilation.

By mere chance, the tutors discovered that the non-achievers were also illiterate in their own native languages. 

TAFE tutors have now turned to teaching literacy to these in their own language special classes. Only then, are they able to learn English literacy and language.  

An enormous extra cost to our taxpayers and the nation’s economy. 

Therefore, I fail to see how compulsory resettlement for five years in remote rural towns would be a logical practice in assimilation as such specialised foreign languages/literacy teaching and TAFE facilities do not exist in many remote towns. 

The bean counters have got it wrong again! 

Betty Moore OAM