Letter to the Editor: Refugee Resettlement Group

Since 1981, I have been a member of the Inverell Refugee Resettlement Group (now Sanctuary Inverell) along with many other members of the Inverell community.  Working together with TAFE, the local schools and a number of volunteers, we have witnessed how people coming to this town with little or no English, by dint of their hard work and encouragement from the local community, have become very integrated Australians, well able to give back to society after the initial help given in the early years... 

Many have been to university - I can think of a doctor, a pharmacist, a radiographer, nurses, those with successful careers in banking and in all manner of trades.


Perhaps Inverell has been able to support so many become valuable members of Australian society because of the generosity of the many volunteers who, down the years have given their time and resources in the resettlement of those in such dire need.  I have never heard any of these volunteers saying that regional or rural Australia should not play its part in the resettlement of migrants and refugees.

Rosemary Breen (Chair:  Sanctuary Inverell)

Ron Thorp (Deputy Chair)

Anthony Dale (Secretary)

Anne Dale  (Treasurer)