What do you do to put yourself in good headspace?

The deputy prime minister shares his mental health tips.
The deputy prime minister shares his mental health tips.

Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce, joined the region’s youth for national headspace Day.

headspace Day, marked October 9, aims to get people talking about youth mental health. According to headspace, a quarter of all young Australians will experience mental health issues every year. That’s more than 5000 affected lives here in the New England.

To help people become more educated about the importance of taking care of their mental health, headspace is asking Australians to share their personal tips on how they take care of their own.

Mr Joyce has a typically rural way of dealing with mental stress he encounters, by talking a leisurely walk in the bush and following it up with a swim in the river. He highlighted the importance of seeking help and the number of people who already have in the local area.

“headspace Day is a great opportunity for us all to support young people who are experiencing mental health issues,” Mr Joyce said.