The Toughen Up Challenge was a great event at Inverell Rugby Park

This year’s Toughen Up Challenge brought together the fittest competitors from around the region to Inverell Rugby Park on March 10.

There was mud, sweat, and tests of strength and endurance.

In its sixth year, the event was the best yet with a variety of activities from skip dives, tyre carries and throwing of weights. 

In the competitive mixed category, winners were: 

(1) GTK Crossfit (1:35:17)

(2) Awesome Foursome (1:41:08)

(3) Scubaru (1:48:44)

In the competitive male category, winners were:

(1) Manthonia (1:13:17)

(2) Benny’s Best (1:32:34)

(3) Not So Fresh (1:38:38)

In the competitive female challenge, the winning teams were:  

(1) Shake it off (1:47:16)

(2) Gundy Tough Mums (1:55: 51)

(3) Tenacity (1:56:42) 

In the competitive youth, winners were:

(1) Fearless Four (1:19:26)

(2) Mud Quad (1:34:43)

(3) Manly Mangoes (1:41:14)