Inverell cadets converge on Richmond Air Force Base for weekend of competition

Inverell youth joined more than 500 Australian Air Force Cadets, from squadrons across the state, to converge on Richmond Air Force Base for the long weekend.

Cadets competed in a series of competitions designed to tests their skill sets acquired during ground training.

Inverell executive instructor Warwick Bedford said local cadets were tested on their service knowledge, aircraft recognition, shooting drills and sport.

“We finished in the top five state-wide in the shooting competition. It was a great effort but also a little disappointing because we had previously beaten first and second place at the regional comp; quite convincingly.

“But that happens some times,” he said.

Afterwards local cadets participated in a freestyle drill which Warwick said was well-received by the state drill master.

Other highlights from the long weekend included a ‘The Great Gatsby’ themed gala ball and a C-130J Hercules flight over Sydney Harbour.

“Cadets went up in a Herc, the one the RAAF use. They were flying over Sydney with the back door open. A few of the cadets sat at the back door with harnesses on.

“Overall it was a great experience for the kids, and a full-on weekend. The kids also had fun dressing up for the gala ball,” he said.

Around 30 Inverell cadets parade every Monday night from 5.30pm until 8.30pm.

The youth development organisation, with a focus on aviation, offers opportunities for young people to learn and grow.

“We get out and do weekend camps, flights, gliding camps at Bathurst. It’s all about developing individual cadets so if they’d like a leadership role, there’s a whole program they can complete.

“You can see it in the kids. They go off to promotion courses and come back so much more mature, eager and ready to take on responsibility within the squadron.”

To find out more about the 319 squadron, phone executive officer Donna McWhirter on 0488 778 492.

Youth between the ages of 13-18 are welcome to join the local squadron.