Gwymac Landcare pairs up with Danthonia Bruderhof to host Fundamentals of Soil

The Danthonia Bruderhof community is keen to help locals face the drought wisely, and have paired up with Gwymac Landcare to host a field day on their Gwydir Highway property on September 26.

Held from 8.30am-4.30pm, the Fundamentals of Soil will cover ‘what really feeds plants’, soil ecosystems, the soil/food disconnect, soil optimisation and carbon explanations, myths, opportunities and challenges.

Speakers include groundcover and soils ecologist Dr Christine Jones, grazing industry innovator Terry McCosker and Danthonia’s land manager Johannes Meier.


Dr Jones is internationally renowned and has worked with a wide range of landholders in implementing regenerative land management techniques. She has organised and participated in workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the USA and has a strong publication and presentation record. Dr Jones’ specialty is soil restoration.

Mr McCosker co-founded Resource Consulting Services (RCS) in 1985, which has since grown into a national company. He has worked in the grazing industry for nearly 50 years. His work in agricultural research has led to many world firsts, and currently he is focusing on the financial benefits of soil carbon projects for graziers.

Established in 1999, the Danthonia Bruderhof community is located twenty kilometres east of Inverell and is home to around 200 people. The Bruderhof is an international Christian community movement in the Reformation tradition founded in 1920 in Germany.

The community has its roots in farming, feels that an important part of their faith is good stewardship of the land.

The community works with other regenerative farmers both locally and nationwide, and hopes to see the property restored to full ecological health and productivity, and to share what they have learned.

In his talk, Mr Meier, will share insights on Danthonia’s land management program including regenerative practice and profitability.

The $50 fee for the field day will cover lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Attendees are asked to RSVP to Gwymac on 6721 1241 or by September 21.