Tennis legend George Lowrey honoured for years of service

Inverell tennis legend George Lowrey was honoured for his years of service to the sport on Wednesday.

The Inverell Tennis Club decided to shine a spotlight on George as people gathered for a state championships and a special funding announcement.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall gave George a special gift on behalf of the club, while president Charlie Osborne filled the crowd in on some history.

“George joined the Inverell Lawn Tennis Association in 1937 before the Inverell Tennis Club, as such, even existed.

“George was telling me in 1940 he remembers coming home from leave in the army and being part of the inaugural meeting of the Inverell Tennis Club at the town hall,” Charlie said.

George was a handy tennis player and an active member of the club since he joined, apart from his stint in the army.

“He was even shot in the leg but that didn’t stop him and nothing has stopped him since. We are very proud to have George as a pivotal part of the club,” he said.

In the past 18 months, George has taken a small step back but is always at the club eager to watch a match, or two and help out where he can.

“He was a bloody good curator but no better barman ever existed. There was no greater pleasure than coming into the club and seeing George with a big smile on his face.

“He’d look you in the eye, give you a good, firm hand shake and ask you how the price of lambs were or how much rain you’ve had,” Charlie said.

Junior members also look to George as a special tennis grandfather regularly having chats to him in between games.

“It is with great pleasure we present George with a special gift.”