New England Police warn of Australian Tax Office phone scam

New England Police have warned locals to watch out for telephone scams, with a number of reports in the region. 

According to police, the telephone operator is leaving a message with the return telephone number of (02) 8005 1177. 

The scam is aggressive in nature, with scammers claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office and and stating their intent to issue a warrant for the arrest of the person receiving the call. The reports echo an identical scam which circulated the region in January of 2016. 

Anyone who receives this message or is told this information in a phone call is advised to immediately inform the caller that they will be reported to police and hang-up.

Residents who receive scam phone calls are urged to contact local police on 6722 0599 or visit the Scamwatch website to report the incident to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

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