Second grade success for Inverell FC

Krisztián Hoffer/
Krisztián Hoffer/

It was night and day for Inverell FC’s first and second grade teams at Glen Innes on Saturday. 

First grade suffered a punishing 5-0 loss, while second grade had a convincing 6-0 win. 

“It was pretty much a polar opposite weekend. Second grade did what we wanted to do,” captain coach Kyle Chilcott said of the first grade. 

“It was a bit cold and we were just behind the eight ball from the start, really. We just lacked intensity pretty much the whole game and they won every aspect of the game.”

The local team began well, and kept possession of the ball early on, but “a scrappy goal off a corner” rattled the Inverell players, giving Glen Innes a chance to dominate through the second half. 

Although it was a struggle for everyone, Chilcott said Mark Horneman proved “a bit of a bright spark,” and kept up the energy despite the losses.

Chilcott said the bigger, burlier team “out-muscled” the locals, but he doubts that will happen again. Taking on TAS in a home game next Saturday, the first graders will have a lot to prove. TAS had a 5-5 draw with Glen Innes in the first game of the season, and will be a challenge for Inverell FC.

Second grade were the star players on the day.

“(It was) pretty much the opposite story of the first grade match. We just wanted the ball more and out-muscled them,” Chilcott said. 

He said the team’s Brazilian players showed their love of the game, kicking all six of the goals. 

“Bryan Moreno got a hat-trick and pretty much dominated the whole game himself. They made a big impact,” he said.

Glen Innes fought back during the first half of the game, but Inverell solidified their win in the final 30 minutes with four goals. 

Chilcott said Inverell’s defense was organised, but individual efforts across the back line resulted in a number of saved goals.

“They’re not really cohesive as a unit, but they seem to make it work somehow, which is good,” he said. TAS’ second grade team has had mixed results so far this season, but Chilcott warned they are “young, fit and fast”.

“I think our boys, if they keep playing how they are, should probably get the job done there.”

As the season continues, Chilcott is keen to improve consistency for both teams.

“It seems at the moment that our good’s really good, but our bad’s really bad, so just trying to get that bad to just alright, so you’re still in the game and the good passages gets you back on top then,” he said.

“First grade need to take a few pages out of second grade’s book, I think, and actually want to be there.”

Anyone keen to join a local team is encouraged to come along to Saturday’s game at the sports complex or visit a training session from 6pm on a Tuesday or Thursday.